Industrial Control Systems

We have extensive experience in the polymer, paper, and other forest products industries, using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and personal computer-based operator interfaces, as well as distributed control systems (DCSs).  We can interface  your plant floor systems with data warehouse systems such as PI, and provide custom database management of your plant floor data. Additionally, we can interface your PLC and DCS systems for coordinated control.

Our services include project management and coordination support, engineering design, drawing production, PLC programming, operator interface design and configuration, DCS graphic and control configuration, operator and technician training, and checkout/startup.

We can also provide process control optimization, including control strategy development, loop tuning, and process audits.  Our troubleshooting skills can quickly bring your process back online when problems occur.


Project Planning

  •   Project Scoping
  •   Cost Estimation
  •   Capital Funding Documentation
  •   Checkout and Startup
  •   Coordination Support






Networking Solutions

We can provide standard control networking solutions to integrate various control systems and interface them to the business network.

  • Control System/ Plant Interconnection
  • Fiber Optic and Wireless Solutions